Ti se intampla sa fii prins cu scroll-ul fara vreun scop, printre selectia de jocuri online de cazino si desi efectiv exista tone, nu pari sa alegi ceva care sa te intereseze? Ai incercat deja toate sloturile, jocurile cu carti nu te caracterizeaza, nu simti ca si cand bingo si ruleta sunt plictisitoare?

Ce spu sa incerci ceva complet nou? Un joc care ia ce e mai bun de la bingo si ruleta si le ofera jucatorilor oportunitatea sa incerce ceva iesit din comun? Incearca Spingo Jocul cu ruleta de la Microgaming este unic prin conceptul lui. Daca nu gasesti interesante jocurile clasice, acesta poate fi “kickstart-ul” corect care iti va intoarce gustul pentru joc.

Familiar si totusi complet diferit

Spingo, it's very simple. As is custom with gambling games, the easier the game the more fun it is. The principles of Spingo are drawing balls which land into the colorful roulette wheel.

The game itself happens on the game field. Which is composed of a canvas, the drawing equipment with balls numbered 0 through 10 and a roulette wheel. On it are fields with different colors (8 blue, 8 yellow, 8 red and 1 green field). Your goal is to guess which number will be drawn and into what colored field it will land. Of course, these aren’t the only types of bets. You can also bet on a color, odd/even numbers, high/low, zero and you can also try to guess the specific number. In this way, there are plenty of options.

We were pleased with the wide options of stats which are implemented. If your motto is: “stats don’t lie”, then you’ll be more than pleased after clicking the button. You clearly see the whole history of the individual rounds and based on that decide which strategy you’ll wish to use.

The game’s visuals also pleasantly surprised us. Not that we were expecting anything else from a game by Microgaming, but we were pleased with the way Spingo looks. The graphics are all in 3D and the level of detail is highly above-average. The music and sound effects also don’t hurt the ears. By the way, if you’re a fan of music from the year 1980, the selected musical motive will definitively sound familiar. But definitively don’t take that as a bad thing, it shortly made a smile on our faces.

Play Spingo for free

If this review got you interested enough, try out the Spingo game completely for free. With this type of game, you first need to get to know the rules. Learn the ropes of the game and afterward, you’ll have an easier path to winning. So enjoy it. We wish you good luck.

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